Budget Processing Status 3/3/2024 * 1:03:06 PM

Fiscal Year:

Y - Successfully Processed X - Not Processed Successfully Blank - Not Applicable
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* - School by School budget is only required if has more than one site
CTDS Entity Name Proposed Adopted Rev1 Rev2 Rev3 Wrksht Revenue 3a
070260000 4248Higley Unified School District Y Y Y Y    X
070260101 5168Higley Traditional Academy        
070260102 79227Coronado Elementary School        
070260103 79375San Tan Elementary        
070260104 80316Power Ranch Elementary        
070260105 87487Gateway Pointe Elementary        
070260106 88422Cortina Elementary        
070260107 89580Chaparral Elementary School        
070260108 90315Centennial Elementary School        
070260112 93009Bridges Elementary School        
070260121 92252Elona P. Cooley Early Child Development Center        
070260122 92264Sue Sossaman Early Childhood Development Center        
070260150 92259Cooley Middle School        
070260151 92260Sossaman Middle School        
070260201 79374Higley High School        
070260202 89581Williams Field High School        
070260203 90808Kaplan Academy of Arizona        
070260304 1001176Higley Virtual Academy        
070260730 5169Academy with Community Partners - Arizona, Inc.        X